Website Restyle: Ease A Petite Spa


The owner of Ease A Petite Spa needed help getting her website recognized at a higher level on search engines.  She was already using a Content Management System that was provided by her website host and she didn’t want to change that. The look and feel of the website also needed a refresh and needed to be mobile ready – especially now that Google has changed its search feature to favor mobile ready websites.




Search Engine Optimization uses a multi-pronged methodology. The factors to consider are mobile readiness, page content, images, back end meta tag optimization, social media linking, and proper blog publishing.

I worked on each facet of this method.  Within a week, a google search for “spa, Mt. Lebanon” brought Ease A Petite Spa to #5 on the first page, up from placement on the 5th page of results!

Continuing social outreach and blog publishing will ensure high placement on search engine results.