Branding Preventive Services: American HealthCare Group, LLC


American HealthCare Group needed to communicate its broad range of services within the healthcare industry.  Simply put, they offer Preventive Services.

More uniquely, they work with employer groups, government agencies, schools, and individuals to empower people to make smart healthcare decisions.  Their website now conveys their core services and their two child brands Pathways to SmartCare & Farm to Table Pittsburgh.



Building the Parent Website

The American HealthCare Group website was restyled with a responsive design.  Then, careful content planning ensured that the business and consumer products were readily present.

Social Media Integration

A large part of building a network of businesses, agencies, individuals and school administrators is making sure the conversation surrounding preventive health continues without much prodding and poking. Creating a culture of sharing on social media platforms has helped to position American HealthCare Group as a partner for the customers they serve.