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Goal: Create an SEO Driven Web Presence

Ed Munch, owner of Munch Appliance Repair contacted MK Digital Media after being in business for a year making house calls to repair broken appliances of desperate homeowners.  He wanted to rank highest in local search results for Appliance Repair Service.

Check out the website: Appliance Repair Service for Warren, Pa – Munch Appliance Repair

Full Service Search Engine Optimization

In our initial meeting with Ed, we reviewed his website, the client base for his business, and what current promotional efforts he was using including digital and traditional distribution channels.  From this meeting we made the following plan of action.

Web Redesign Plan of Action

  1. Website Design – Redesign the website to use modern web standards. Search engines look for mobile friendly designs and lightweight pages.  We made a WordPress site so Ed could utilize the easy Content Management System features later on.
  2. Copywriting – Rewrite the copy on each page to optimize for different keywords that include targeted locations. Page headers and URL’s need to use the keyword you are optimizing for.  Page content should be heavily weighted with the keyword while still being readable.
  3. Image Optimization – Add relevant images that are keyword optimized and sized properly. Properly formatted images add to keyword weight and compatibility with social sharing best practices.
  4. Security – Add an SSL Certificate to the domain. The Google search algorhithm now looks at your current security status to ascertain whether your site is trustworthy or not.  It will serve a secure site over a non-secure site when showing simliar keyword results.
  5. Redirects – Tell the web crawlers where to find the information they already knew about.  Since the site had been up for a year already the search engines had already indexed the site.  We had to point to the new pages so they wouldn’t drop the page altogether and lose search rank immediately.
  6. Sitemap Submission – Make sure the website is properly indexed and crawled by Google and Bing search engines, including local business directories. After all of the above were in place, we installed Google Web Analytics and used Google Search Console webmaster tools to ensure that the site was properly indexed.
  7. Press Release – Get inbound links, traffic increases, and brand awareness from local sources.  We’ll write and submit a press release for the website project and submit to local media channels including newspapers, radio, and business networking groups.  This has a three-fold effect: Increasing brand awareness, Increasing site traffic, and getting inbound links.

The Waiting Game Starts

SEO is a long-term project.  Sometimes you will get immediate results but it’s mostly about building a strong foundation.  As of May 31, 2016, the website is still too fresh to see how our SEO work has paid off, although monitoring is already in progress. No analytics strategy was in place before the redesign so we’ll look at how the page performs in the first couple weeks as a baseline measure.

The real test will be in contact page conversions and new apointments from the website!  Stay tuned…

Check out the website: Appliance Repair Service for Warren, Pa – Munch Appliance Repair

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