Rebrand: Warren Chiropractic Care Center

Warren Chiropractic Care Center, located in Warren, Pa, wanted to update their image and communicate to their audience that they delivered more than just chiropractic services.

The Old Logo


The logo had good imagery that represented the brand well.  But there were too many secondary elements that distracted from the brand.  The Care Center used the 8 Weeks to Wellness program to help their patients start a wellness journey. That additional brand message was confusing what WCCC was all about.

Rebranding to Whole Health Chiropractic Center

While the imagery needed to be updated to something more modern and clean, the message of the brand also needed to change to encompass the evolution of their wellness services.  Soon they would add an on-site fitness center to their current services of health coaching, personal training, massage therapy, supplements, and chiropractic care.

Most customers and prospects in the area thought of Warren Chiropractic Care Center solely as a Chiropractic service and weren’t aware of the additional wellness products.

After a few brainstorming sessions, we landed on Whole Health Chiropractic Center.  Not only does it address the health and care of patients’ mind, body, and spirit, Whole Health Chiropractic Center is a lot easier to say!

The New Logo

Compact Layout


Horizontal Layout


The new logo brings some elements from the old logo.  The apple with the joyful stick figure keeps a sense of familiarity so current customers would be better able to adopt the change.  The new color is bolder and more eye-catching than the previously outlined icon.

The font is a simple and bold sans-serif.  The logotype had to be readable from the road, bold on advertisements, and strong to appeal to men and women alike.

Learning from the Experience

Rebranding can be nerve-wracking: Will you ostracize and confuse your current customers?  Will your employees embrace the change and support the process?  How will you communicate the change and launch with enthusiasm?

The team at Whole Health Chiropractic Center embraced the change and were involved in the process the entire time.  I believe that including everyone helped them feel they owned the process and they supported the change all the way.

Before the new road sign went up and a blog and social media announcements were made, all marketing communication piece were updated and published.

The rebrand was well received from the public once announced and the renewed energy has brought positive changes and growth to their business.

Visit their website to read more about Whole Health Chiropractic Center