New Website Design:


I am proud to launch a brand new site for Dr. Lori Wynn of Lori Wynn Physical Therapy, LLC.  Lori has her doctorate of physical therapy and runs her business from an at-home clinic.

Lori Wynn Holistic Physical Therapy in Pittsburgh


Word of Mouth Customer Growth

Most of Lori’s customer growth was from word of mouth, the best kind of compliment!  Her holistic therapy techniques, combining manual therapy and alternative healing practices, help Lori stand out as a leading therapist in her field.

Digital Strategy

Lori’s goal for a website was to finally get her name out there for everyone to find, whether from word of mouth or a simple internet search.  That way she could reach more people, help them find the root causes of their physical pain, and then help them get better. The main keywords for her website are “Holistic Physical Therapy in Pittsburgh.”

Social Strategy was built as a WordPress site, a free open source content management system with a proven track record of user and developer friendliness.  We built in a blog so Lori could easily communicate with her current and potential patients.

The blog is hooked up in the backend to her social media networks.  When a blog is posted on the website, it automatically get posted on her chosen social media networks.  Simple &  Free!

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