New Research from Fractl & Buzzstream: The Generational Content Gap

Data, Data, Data!

The marketing world has been abuzz with talk about generational buying habits and purchasing power for quite some time – at least as long as I can remember!  If you love data then you can really dig into this new research about which generation is consuming digital content, how they are accessing it, how much and when, and a lot more insights if you take a few minutes to read it.

The summary infographic is below, but you can download the full research summary presentation here: The Generational Content Gap 

LOL Insight

One insight that made me laugh at loud was the “Bottom 5 Content Types.” Each generation had “White Papers” listed as the absolute bottom of the content types they accessed online.  And who could blame them?  Most white-papers are accessed through pay walls or other stop-measures from companies that want to gather your information before their content is accessed.

Here’s the LOL – in order to access the research summary presentation, presented as a white paper, you have to go through a contact form to access it. At least it’s free!

Let’s Keep Evolving

As the digital marketing world evolves we have to continuously improve the way we deliver content.  The user and audience tell us how they want to access our information, so we must deliver!

The Infographic