From the Ground up: Dorit Brauer, Live Your Best Life

Dorit Brauer-Mary Hagan at Farm to Table Pittsburgh Conference

Dorit Brauer, Live Your Best LifeDorit Brauer-Mary Hagan at Farm to Table Pittsburgh Conference is owned by Dorit Brauer, an artist, author, meditation teacher, reflexology educator and labyrinth facilitator.  Dorit was my first client I built a hand coded website for back in 2007.

Recently, Dorit performed a labyrinth facilitation at the 2015 Farm to Table Pittsburgh Conference.  Dorit wanted something simple to help people visualize exactly what she does with all of the buckets she works within.  What I love most about Dorit is her vision!  She wanted huge posters displayed on foam core that she could place on easels around the labyrinth she was to build.

The Graphic Posters

Pictures say 1,000 words!

The posters are large,  18″ x 24.”  To keep it simple, we just blew the photos up to take up the whole poster size and added a large title with contact information at the bottom.

The best part about the posters is the curiosity and attention they bring. The labyrinth visitors always walk to the posters and guest book and learn about the powerful energy of labyrinths before they start to walk them.

Dorit Brauer in her Labyrinth