Logo Inspiration: Double Drop Tine Outfitters

Hunting Guide Logo

Participate in the Circle of Life… Go Hunting!

Today’s logo inspiration is Double Drop Tine Outfitters, a hunting guide business in Warren, Pa, right outside of the Allegheny National Forest.  If you’ve ever wanted to get out in the field and go bird or rabbit hunting over some hound dogs or harvest your first White-tail deer, DDT Outfitters can help you accomplish that.

This business is owned by Chris Double in Warren, Pa.  Chris wanted a logo that would be easily recognizable and easy to put on promotional materials, car graphics, hats, and other giveaways.  .

Logo vs. Iconography

I hate to be a stickler about design because I truly believe it can be whatever you want.  But where I draw the line is between creating a strong logo for your brand and creating “icons” to support that message.  My philosophy is every logo should be able to stand on its own in black and white, without colors supporting the visual effect it has in the consumer’s brain.  You don’t want the consumer to be bogged down with trying to figure out what your logo means.  Chris and I worked together to define the message he wanted to send with his logo without explaining it with additional words.

Hunting Guide Logo


Visit www.DoubleDropTine.com to learn more about Chris’ business.