Social Media Strategy

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MK Digital Media can help you make a social media marketing strategy plan that fits into your culture and gets people talking about your business.


Creating a Social Media Strategy

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Vimeo, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Ahhhhhhh!  How do you know which social networking platforms to choose?  Your social strategy should include what social platforms have the most bang for your buck, what messaging you send throughout the year, and what tools you will use to keep it regularly updated.

Having trouble figuring out which social platform is right for you?  Just send me a note below and we can do a quick complimentary review of your business.

Executing a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Once you have a social strategy in place the right tools can set up you up for success.  Whether you have an in-house social media team or not, MK Digital Media can assist in executing the plan for you!  We can work with any budget to start bringing in social leads so you can convert them to sales.  We build in tools that help you measure Return on Investment (ROI) and track campaign performance so you can see the effect on your business.

Sales Team Training

The most powerful tool you have in social media is your network!  If you have a sales organization already, then activating the team can lead to a big conversation that reaches a wider network of leads.  The important piece of this puzzle is identifying each individuals’ strengths, tailoring the experience, and creating a unified, but personal, message that all leads back to your conversion engine.

MK Digital Media uses the following strategy to activate your sales team:

  1. Create a social strategy
  2. Train the team on each social platform
  3. Train the team on mobile device usage
  4. Provide real world examples in a Q&A environment
  5. Actively participate in team social networking to encourage use

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