Our Creative Team

MK Digital Media is a network of experienced creative professionals who excel in their chosen fields.  Together we make up an unbeatable team that can make your brand come alive for your customers and prospects.

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Mary Hagan

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Mary “HD” has 15 years experience working with small businesses to plan marketing strategies and design brand collateral that tells a story.

MK Digital Media was born in 2007 with a vision to give small businesses a big business image with consistent messaging and design.

Mary now lives in the PA Wilds region with her 2 kids; having as much fun in the woods as she does building people’s brands!



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Michele Insinger

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Michele got her degree in English from Clarion University of PA in 1987 and has had the good fortune to write and edit enough to never yet have to say, “would you like fries with that?”.

She currently lives in Charleston SC with her daughter Lauren and neurotic mutt Marley and is delightedly engaged to the most interesting man in the world.

She dreams only of world peace and a nap on the beach.



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Chris Schroeder
Multimedia Specialist

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Chris is the owner of Schroeder Creations, an art & design studio located in Erie, PA.

The studio focuses on producing caricature art, designing websites, shooting and editing videos, illustrating game-art, and developing branding strategies for businesses and non-profits.

Chris is happily married to his best friend and has two boys with one on the way (not to mention, two rabbits and a rescue cat).